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Speech Therapy 

Language Delays/"Late Talkers"

Speech therapy for language delays helps babies and toddlers develop the skills needed to learn new words and put words together, to create phrases and sentences.

Articulation/ Pronunciation

Speech therapy for articulation/pronunciation helps children produce correct sounds in their speech, in order to speak clear words and sentences.

Autism Spectrum Disorders

Speech Therapy for ASD helps children learn and use words to communicate, use phrases and sentences, ask and answer questions, and to follow directions. The SCERTS® Model (Social Communication Emotional Regulation Transactional Support) is a breakthrough approach to effectively teach children with ASD.

PROMPT Therapy

PROMPT Therapy is a tactile-kinesthetic (touch and feel) approach where a therapist places her hands on a child's face to guide the jaw, lips, and tongue to move correctly to form clear words.

Parent Coaching

All therapy sessions include parent training to teach strategies they can use in every day life to help their children make fast and consistent progress toward goals.

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