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Early Learning
Social & Language Sessions

Individual or Group


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Discover our Cutting-Edge Peer Group Sessions:
Combining Language Learning with Social & Emotional Development


Language Development

Develop essential language skills through engaging activities, personalized learning plans, and interactive sessions.


Social Skills

Group sessions foster the growth of children's social skills through interactive play, group activities, and guided learning.


Emotional Regulation

Your child's ability to control their emotions is a crucial and often overlooked skill to develop. 


With the mission to provide high quality, real-life support to young children developing language and social skills, our peer group sessions were created by Bay Ridge Speech Therapy's Founder, Marisa Spencer, Speech-Language Pathologist and Amy Chu, NYS Licensed Early Childhood and Special Education Teacher. Peer group sessions are designed and customized to include students of similar ages and social-language goals.

Amy and Marisa's commitment to providing evidence-based approaches along with their passion and care for children set Bay Ridge Speech Therapy's peer group sessions apart for family's seeking exceptional and individualized support in the areas of language, social and emotional development.

Social and Early Learning Development Sessions

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